Welcome you to the high quality products of Tonson family!

Welcome you to the high quality products of Tonson family!  Inspire your favorite meals with tonson bean thread vermicelli and create several savoury or sweet dishes. Healthy and nutritious cooking are made easy with our famous bean thread vermicelli noodles. We have 4 main product types available in the most asian groceries at the moent. These include dried vermicelli, ready-to-cook bean thread vermicelli, mung bean starch, and tapioca starch. Everyone of them is made with modern manufacturing methods. They go through a standard quality check to obtain top-notch quality products before passing on to our consumers. ⠀ ⠀


Bean tread vermicelli, also known as cellophane or glass noodles, among other names, are a source of carbohydrates made from mung bean starch. This thin, long, firm, transparent noodles are suitable for several types of cooking ranging from stir fries, soups, salads, and even desserts. Bean tread vermicelli can be divided into two catagories; fresh bean tread vermicelli which is ready-to-use for cooking without having to soaking up in water. The other one is a dried bean tread vermicelli which has to be soaked up in water for a while to bring them back to their edible and cookable state. ⠀ ⠀

Currently, Tonson brand family has 3 different sub brands of dried vermicelli noodles which are Tonson brand vermicelli noodles, Tonsai vermicelli noodles, and Tonpai vermicelli noodles. Whereas fresh vermicelli has two sub brands which are Tonsai fresh vermicelli and Tonkaew fresh vermicelli. Each brand has its own specific properties that are suitable for different types of cooking as followings : ⠀ ⠀

1.Tonson Brand or Pine Brand

Finest quality bean thread vermicelli made from 100% premium mung bean, resulting in soft and chewy vermicelli noodles. It is suitable for slow cooking that required a long-time heat such as boiling or baking, where the noodles will not go stale, not messy and not stick together. The bean thread vermicelli have many good benefits in helping to maintain the balance of blood sugar levels and to create a balance (Low GI) for the body, hence helping to keep your stomach full for a long time. ⠀ ⠀

  • The bleached bean thread vermicelli noodles in white or transparent colour are more common in general market while the light green one, which is the natural colour of shell beans, is unbleached and more popular among the health-conscious⠀ ⠀

2.Bean brand vermicelli

Another bean thread vermicelli noodles under Tonson Brand Family that used mung beans as a dominant ingredient in manufacturing. By adding premium tapioca starch to it making the noodles even softer and just the right chewy level. This fat and Cholesterol free noodles is perfect for quick cookings that do not require long heating time, yet absorb the seasoning well while stay in its shape. ⠀ ⠀

วุ้นเส้นถั่วเขียว ตรา ต้นถั่ว 40 กรัม

3.Tonpai or Bamboo bean thread vermicelli noodles

a high uality vermicelli from Tonson brand made from real mung bean and high quality tapioca starch in order to get vermicelli that is clear, appetizing and at the right chewy level. You can enjoy a wide variety of noodle dishes, perfectly made for fast cook dishes like spicy salad, stir fry dishes ⠀ ⠀

  • Long noodles / Short noodles cut in a perfect length, no need to cut open the package, just tear and throw.

4.Tonsai fresh bean thread vermicelli noodles

Same standard with Tonson bean thread vermicelli noodles, made from real mung bean and high quality tapioca starch in order to get ready-to-use vermicelli that is super soft, chewy as well as very convenient to use. No need to soak up in water. You can enjoy a wide variety of noodle dishes such as spicy salad, stir fry, boiling, steaming, hotpot and many more without them go soggy or mushy. ⠀ ⠀

วุ้นเส้นสดชั้นเลิศ ตรา ต้นไทร 500 กรัม

5.Tonkaew fresh bean thread vermicelli noodles

Same standard with Tonson bean thread vermicelli noodles, made from real mung bean and high quality tapioca starch in order to get ready-to-use vermicelli that is slightly firm yet tender. No soaking up in water is required before cooking. You can enjoy a wide variety of noodle dishes such as spicy salad, soup, steamed, fried dishes, hotpot and many more without them going soggy or mushy.

⠀ ⠀

วุ้นเส้นสดคุณภาพ ตรา ต้นแก้ว 500 กรัม

Tonkoon fresh bean thread vermicelli noodle

An instant bean thread vermicelli that can be easily cooked up in microwave by adding water and heat up for 3 minutes. Bing! your meal is good to go with super soft and chewy vermicelli noodles. No extra cooking is needed. Alternatively choose to add some meat, sausages, eggs and your favorite vegetables to it, this quick meal is just perfectly fit for the rush lifestyle people, making cooking more enjoyable than ever before ⠀ ⠀

One package of Tonkoon fresh bean thread vermicelli noodles consists of vermicelli noodles and a small bag of seasoning powder. It is made adequate for one meal and you can choose to enjoy three original Thai tastes which are Tom Yum Goong, Spicy Salad, and Larb flavour.

Tonson Mung Bean Starch

100% made from premium grade, specially selected mung bean. With the state-of-the-art world class production process, the distinguish white powdery starch is made. It has a soft touch of roughness and becomes jelly like when cooked properly. After cooling down, it will stick together like a soft jelly ball. ⠀ ⠀

This mung bean starch can be used to create many sweet dishes namely Salim, khanom Chan (layered colour cake), Khanom Tian, Lod Chong, Cooking Tart or used in a savourly dishes such as Shanghai fried noodle alike. ⠀ ⠀

แป้งถั่วเขียว ตราต้นสน 500 กรัม

Tonson Tapioca Starch

Tapioca Starch or what people commonly called tapioca flour, or sometimes called Singapore Tapioca, is a processed starch product extracted from cassava. We only use premium cassava roots to process clean, smooth, and free of impurities tapioca flour. When heated, the powder will become sticky, clear and look shiny. But when cooled, it will recover to its orginal state very easily. Therefore, it is commonly used in combination with other types of flour to make the desserts softer and more chewy. ⠀ ⠀

Tapioca starch is commonly used to make Thai desserts because it helps make more sticky and softer texture in a variety of menus, such as Lod Chong Singapore, Tao Suan, Bua Loi, Krong Krang Kaew, Tubtim Krob, Khanom Chan, and Kanom Pla Krim Khai Tao, etc.

It can also be used to add clarity, gloss and viscosity to savory dishes such as Rad Na, fish maw, fried chives cakes, and Hoi Tod. Wheat flour should be added to make the dish crispy and more appetizing. ⠀ ⠀

แป้งมันสำปะหลัง ตราต้นสน 400 กรัม

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